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          The Xin prosperous electron (Suzhou) the limited company continuously
          devotes to provides service of and the maintenance service the import
          vacuum-pumping equipment, company's customer spreads many domains, has
          formed the general customers community.

          The Xin prosperous company in 2002 in the Suzhou city economic
          development zone registration being established, invested the massive
          manpower, the physical resource and the technical force, and after
          several year relentless endeavor, also is indebted the general
          customers the deep affection, enables the our company to be rapid, the
          health development, makes the our company rapidly to become the
          semiconductor service industry a Bright Star.

          In the new century, the our company will speed up the development
          progress, the full display had the resources, more will develop the
          profession user the service work, will open the innovation the
          development aspect.

          Company host camp product/service:
          Service service brand: Equipment type and so on EDWARDS, LEYBOLD,
          EBARA: DRY PUMP, BOOSTER PUMP, vacuum oil brand and so on OIL PUMP:



          Xin prosperous electron (Suzhou) limited company 2,006 all rights  
          reserved Suzhou city navigation technology satellite support